I have been a designer for more than 15 years. During my career, I’ve worked as a webdesigner, graphic designer, art director and lead designer, and finally as an UX / UI designer. I’ve worked on site side by side with clients as well as a remote consultant, mostly for e-commerce websites, with a 360° methodology.

Today as an UX / UI designer, improving the quality of the web for its users is my main goal. As a user experience and design thinking evangelist, I also use on a daily basis user-centric, data-driven and business strategic innovation processes in order to empower the different contributors to the project.

I am at ease with agile work cycles, as long as I am free to organise myself with my team. I am very flexible with different tools, but have a slight inclination for Apple, due to various prototyping apps only available on this platform. 

I am a team player, working hand in hand with product owners and developers. I also love to initiate cross-team workshops to include different expertises.

As a creative person with artistic training, I am able to design clean, emotional and user-friendly interfaces.

I like to both share my knowledge and learn from others to encourage innovation.

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Mariama Diallo

Designer UX/UI

In Stockholm, one of my favorite places